About the project

An exciting project for a niche website where visitors can participate in auctions or directly purchase birds.

Client’s Background

Auctions for racing pigeons.


Professional pigeon racing is a niche with firmly established rules and regulations that are difficult to influence by external factors. Therefore, it was necessary to create a platform that is user-friendly but still surpasses existing ones in the industry.

Our Solution

We built the platform entirely on WordPress. The ease of access to digital payment, along with expectations for a moderate number of visits, were decisive factors in choosing the content management system.

Noteworthy Features

  • Auction system with a “Buy Now” option
  • Approval process for new accounts for both “Buyers” and “Sellers”

Client Review

Our team is delighted with Websycraft’s work. Premium service, done fast and on point. Would recommend!

Allpigeonauctions - Websycraft
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