About the project

In this wonderful project, we had to recreate the physical sensation of Chantesa boutique bags in digital form. Or, in simpler terms, to digitize a brand that, up to that point, had no online presence.

Client’s Background

Sale and handmade crafting of designer bags.


The most important aspect for us was not only to highlight the uniqueness and boutique feel of Chantesa’s products but also to enhance it. From a technical standpoint, we needed to incorporate standard features for an online store, such as delivery modules with Econt and Speedy, automatic issuance of invoices for VAT purposes under Article N-18, support for a large assortment, and more.

Our Solution

In this case, the website was built entirely on WordPress. At this stage, we deemed it a suitable option. As the online store grows, we are ready to upgrade the platform. We will note it here when we reach that point.

Noteworthy Features

  • Online payment system – bank, card, and PayPal.
  • Automation of invoicing for legal entities.
  • Modules from leading shipping companies in Bulgaria.
  • User-friendly administrative panel with the ability to customize over 80% of the content without any risk of breaking anything, even for non-professionals.

Client Review

Websycraft has changed our business. Your skills and customer service are beyond exceptional.

Chantesa - Websycraft
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