About the project

An existing website needed the addition of new functionalities and optimization for performance.

Client’s Background

Laser hair removal and cosmetics studio.


Working on a platform created by another team can be challenging for various reasons. In this case, the requirement was to align with the existing work while preserving the visual identity, addressing some solutions that were not optimal for the website’s performance. Another issue was the substantial amounts clients were paying for digital marketing with very weak results.

Our Solution

In the process, we managed to achieve a 15% higher performance speed. We fixed broken links and removed unused functionalities. We recommended our clients to trusted partners specializing in digital marketing. The result was over 30% cost optimization against a more than 100% increase in traffic. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure their ideas become a reality on the website in the shortest time possible.

Noteworthy Features

  • Wheel of Fortune – activated and deactivated according to promotional periods, offering visitors the chance to win prizes
  • Translation of the website into English, initially done with AI assistance and then refined with manual corrections
  • Addition of an online store to the website

Client Review

Thanks for the effort! I am extremely satisfied and gladly recommend you from the bottom of my heart! Everything you have done on the site has grown my business extremely well and made it much easier for my clients and me! You are awesome!!!

Studio Impulse - Websycraft
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